Friday, April 8, 2011

Two monthiversary

Two months already!

Caitlin went for her 8-week checkup on Wednesday and got her first vaccines. She was not happy about it. I can't say I blame her - she was totally sneak-attacked by those needles. One minute you're like, lalala, I'm a baby, and the next minute someone comes along and jabs you thrice! (yay, i used the word thrice. Twice now.) Her face turned bright red after the first needle, and she was yelling by the second. Five seconds after the third though, she was done and back to being happy. I think they have the attention span of a goldfish at this age.

The baby now weighs 11 lbs and 9 ozs - officially more than the cat. Her head size domination over other babies continues at the 91st percentile.

The big achievement this month is her first smile! I haven't successfully captured it on camera yet, except in pirate form.

Next milestone on the list: finding her hands.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Baby photoshop fun

What's better than dressing the baby up in ridiculous outfits? Photoshopping them on!

Pirate baby.


Unimpressed baby.