Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How Much is Too Much?

Just for fun, here's a list of web services I'm currently using:
  1. Gmail - e-mail
  2. Google Calendar - calendar
  3. Google Reader - rss feeds
  4. Facebook - social networking
  5. Google+ - social networking
  6. Twitter - social networking
  7. LibraryThing - books
  8. iDoneThis - productivity
  9. OhLife - journal
  10. Fitocracy - exercise
  11. Blogger - blog
  12. Flickr - photos
  13. Evernote - productivity
  14. CrashPlan - backup
LibrayThing, iDoneThis, OhLife, and Fitocracy are recent additions and I'm not sure if they'll stick.  Three social networking sites seems highly unnecessary.  Whatever happened to KISS?

Have you ever made a list and are you as shocked and appalled as I am at the length of it?


  1. That is crazy!!! I have gmail and blogger. I tried Google+ and Facebook and renounced them. I switched to Excel for productivity.

  2. haha I just jump at any shiny new web 2.0 (or is it 3.0 now?) thing that comes along... especially since I work in the field :) The ones I could not live without would be Gmail, Evernote, and CrashPlan.

  3. Hi Sabrina! How's iDoneThis working out for you?

    (I'm the founder of iDoneThis!)

  4. Hi Walter,

    I love the concept and interface of iDoneThis. It's a great thing you guys have started. Unfortunately even with its simplicity, I am trying to keep my life as simple as possible so have dropped many services, including iDoneThis, from my day to day activities.

    Thanks for your comment!