Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The War Against Stuff, Part I: The Closet

I have recently decided to get serious about my War Against Stuff.   It amazes me how much stuff has followed us from our university days, to our one-bedroom apartment, and now to our house.  Just two years ago when we moved in, our house had room for a grand piano.  Now it feels as small as our apartment.

To that end I have decided to start with our closet.  It seemed so simple in theory: clear everything out, then sort the clothes into Give Away, Throw Away, and Keep.  Easy.

Once I had the clothes in one pile and started to sort however, it got a lot more complicated.  Besides the three piles, there was also:

The "In Case Of ______" Clothes
The oh-so-comfy maternity clothes, the thermal underwear for that hike we never went on but we might again someday, the five pairs of gym pants that I "need" because I go to the gym so often.

mmm, muffin.
Clothes That Fit Pre-Pregnancy
The pants that I can button up but can't eat in or give me a huge muffin top - or both.  Hooray post-pregnancy belly flab!

I-Will-Never-Be-That-Size-Again-But-I-Refuse-To-Admit-It Clothes
The pants I can't get past my butt.

Clothes I Swear I Will Wear Someday
Clothes that still have tags on them and clothes that were gifts but I've never worn.  The guilt makes it hard to let go.

Sentimental Wear
The wedding dress, that too-small high school grad sweatshirt with my name on the sleeve, the Golden Party Armour, the Golden Words jersey...

After the closet I'll be tackling shoes and purses where I'm sure I will run into the I Really Need Five Pairs of Black Heels conundrum.  Stay tuned!

(image from here.)


  1. I've found that for the "sentimental" pile -- not only clothes, but other things as well -- it helps to take some photos and then let the actual stuff go :-)

    Hmm... that's a cranberry muffin? Where are the berries?! I just see sugar sprinkles!

  2. I went on the same mission a few weeks ago! I have one bankers-box of "nostalgia", and it must be able to close. The GW jersey went in there, along with some yearbooks and the issues of GW from my year as graphics-monkey.