Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seven monthiversary

This was a big month for eating! Caitlin got her bottom two teeth and has really started to explore the World of Food:

Food:(lovin' it
banana (puree)
banana (chunk)
sweet potato puree
carrot puree
turnip puree
butternut squash puree
red pepper
mum mums
big mac

She now has the coordination to go from sitting to tummy without face planting too badly (or at least, she got used to it so she doesn't cry about it anymore).  She hates lying on her back and insists on staying up as long as possible in a mini crunch when I try to put her there.  And a milestone for both of us: we went to our first-ever baptism for her friend Eden.  oh church.

(just kidding about the big mac).


  1. Look at those chubby arms :D :D :D

    Red pepper -- raw or cooked? And you mean red bell pepper, right? Or red pepper as in the spice? Just curious :-)

  2. Yeah, a strip of raw red bell pepper :) She gummed on it but it was too hard for her eat much. She makes the most hilarious faces when she tries a new food for the first time.

  3. She is the cutest baby in the world!!!!