Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Eight + Nine monthiversary

It's crazy how fast things are happening now.  Caitlin went from sitting up to standing to crawling to cruising all within a couple weeks.  This baby is now on the move!  We've started baby-proofing but it's basically impossible to baby-proof everything.  Just the other day she decided a 2-L coke bottle sitting on the ground would make a good thing to pull herself up on (it turns out it's actually a very bad idea).

She's been going through a growth spurt so none of us have been getting much sleep.  Her top three teeth are also in the process of coming in.

Today Caitlin had her nine-month appointment.  Her head size is in the 73rd percentile, length is 91st percentile, and weight is down to a measly 42nd percentile.  We have got ourselves a tall skinny baby.  I'm sure her genes will catch up to her soon though - she can't be tall forever!

I look back at old videos and pictures and cannot believe how much my baby has grown.  Just a few months ago, she was lying immobile on her back staring at toys, and that's all it took to keep her entertained.  Now it's go-go-go all the time!  Going back to work will be relaxing after this...

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