Monday, October 8, 2012

Twenty Monthiversary

Happy twenty months to my little toddler!

What a talker
Caitlin speaks in two to three word phrases now and can generally communicate what she wants (or what she doesn't want: "no sleep!").  She practices her colours everyday and is attempting multi-syllable words such as hippopotamus ("ee-po-mass?").

She has started singing songs by herself - often we don't know what she's doing until she gets to the end of Head and Shoulders and proudly says 'nose!' really loudly.  She also loves wagging her finger and saying 'No monkeys on bed!'

Caitlin added 'Oh Gosh!' to her list of concerned expressions this month.  Others being: "Uh-oh!" and "Oh no!"

Caitlin has been attempting to jump with both feet for a few months and finally did it for the first time without landing on her bum.

Potty advances
Caitlin has been going on her potty chair for quite some time now, but this month she went on a real toilet for the first time, at Dave's company meeting.  I had to hold her under her armpits so she didn't fall in.  Next step is one of those toilet inserts and a step so she can go herself.  I'm very much looking forward to the day we are diaper-free.

A musical prodigy
Caitlin learned to play the recorder this month. After saying 'doo doo dooooo!' into the instrument loudly many times she eventually figured out all she has to do is blow.  Next stop: Carnegie Hall!

And well-mannered
She learned how to say 'You're welcome!' in response to thanks and will often say '(fake sneeze) ah-choo, excuse me, I burped!' all in succession out of context.


  1. "Oh gosh!"? Hahaha, that's cute :D

  2. haha yeah and she sounds sooooo serious when she says it too. Such a fun age! :)