Monday, December 8, 2014

Doctor's Visit

Emily had her 15-month shots today (only two months late - Second Child Syndrome) and weighed in at 22 pounds. Caitlin was only 30 pounds at the last weighing, so she's catching up.

I love seeing Emily's personality emerge as she moves into her toddler years. She is persistent, adventurous, and expressive. She adores her older sister and wants to do everything she does.

Can you see the resemblance?

Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Little Mermaid

I had the parenting version of Girls' Night Out with Caitlin today. We went to lunch and saw a matinee performance of The Little Mermaid, put on by Les Petits Ballets.

There was an Orange Juice Incident at brunch and I had foolishly decided against bringing a change of clothes (lesson learned). We resorted to buying a change of clothes at a kids' store nearby. Crisis averted. Just in time for the show!

The ballet itself was just okay - I hadn't realized that The Little Mermaid wasn't a "real" ballet. I was confused the entire time because the music seemed very generic and I couldn't pick out any overarching themes. It wasn't until the show was over that I looked it up: The Little Mermaid was an original interpretation by the dance company on the Hans Christian Andersen tale, and the music was chosen from a bunch of different composers, choreographed to fit the storyline. My inner musician was satisfied.

Caitlin seemed to enjoy the show initially, but being three, couldn't resist asking questions throughout: "Why isn't anyone talking in the show?" "Is the Sea Witch mean?"

In the future, I will choose a ballet with better music and a live orchestra. But we had a grand ol' time and I couldn't have chosen better company!