Saturday, December 6, 2014

The Little Mermaid

I had the parenting version of Girls' Night Out with Caitlin today. We went to lunch and saw a matinee performance of The Little Mermaid, put on by Les Petits Ballets.

There was an Orange Juice Incident at brunch and I had foolishly decided against bringing a change of clothes (lesson learned). We resorted to buying a change of clothes at a kids' store nearby. Crisis averted. Just in time for the show!

The ballet itself was just okay - I hadn't realized that The Little Mermaid wasn't a "real" ballet. I was confused the entire time because the music seemed very generic and I couldn't pick out any overarching themes. It wasn't until the show was over that I looked it up: The Little Mermaid was an original interpretation by the dance company on the Hans Christian Andersen tale, and the music was chosen from a bunch of different composers, choreographed to fit the storyline. My inner musician was satisfied.

Caitlin seemed to enjoy the show initially, but being three, couldn't resist asking questions throughout: "Why isn't anyone talking in the show?" "Is the Sea Witch mean?"

In the future, I will choose a ballet with better music and a live orchestra. But we had a grand ol' time and I couldn't have chosen better company!

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